SR-20 "Get To the Point" 1-minute promo video

This version is a high quality (3mbps, 640 x 480 @29.97fps) Windows Media file that can be played by clicking on the link. You can also download it (Right-click, choose Save Link As) and play it with Windows Media Player, embed it in a PowerPoint presentation, or stream it from the web:

Windows Media format for computer and web use (21MB)

These are the DVD video (.m2v) and audio (.ac3) files for use in a compatible DVD authoring program. These versions are for download ONLY (Right-click, choose Save Link As) and cannot be played back in your web browser (if you Left-click on the link you'll get an error message).

NTSC DVD video stream, 720 x 480 @23.97fps (50MB)

AC3 format DVD audio stream (1.7MB)